Why Every Business Needs to Invest in Brand Storytelling

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Why Every Business Needs to Invest in  Brand Storytelling

Storytelling has always had a part in marketing, but as commercials are no longer the primary forum to reach consumers, you have to craft a bigger story. Ads used to provide a narrative for 20 to 45 seconds. Now, you need to give your brand a personality that's cohesive across multiple forms of social media, in commercials and on your site.

It Gives Your Brand a Voice

Most businesses start with a vision and many craft an extensive business plan that lays out in detail the companies’ values, goals, and other details. But most customers will never see that document, and that's where the discussion of goals, values, and ideals stops.

Except with brands such as Nike. Nike's famous, and now infamous, for choosing ad campaigns that lend a hand to their overall company culture. Their historical slogans such as "Just Do It," and their equality campaign doesn't just make a statement for the moment.

Nike is one example of how speaking about your values on social media, and in other forms of marketing, you invite engagement. It doesn't matter if you love it or hate it, you know who Nike is and you know what they're about.

Giving your brand a voice will craft an image of your company culture to your customers. Customers generally will support a brand that stands for something even if it’s something they never cared about before, such as Toms shoes.

Share Inspiration to Increase Shares

Motivational or inspirational content is some of the most shared content on social media. Sure, there are still plenty of haters, but if you make someone’s day, they’ll want to share it with others!

Whether you buy into the halo effect or believe that we all need a little emotional validation throughout the day, inspirational posts grab attention and foster good feelings towards your brand. Making inspiration part of your brand storytelling can include a mattress store posting about their recent donation, or Dawn using footage of volunteers using the soap to clean oil off wildlife.

Define Your Place in the Market

Some brands are born to be premium, even if they're not. Storytelling played a significant role in the sparkling water brand Perrier taking off as a premium product when it is just carbonated mineral water.

Storytelling has taken many brands from the bottom of the barrel to catch of the day. Perrier hosts a very elaborate story of their founding and evolution while giving each "chapter" a voice that supports the premium nature of the brand, such as "The Water of the Elite."

Content marketing services are part of this storytelling pattern that we see among brands. While Perrier claims to be the water of the elite, Wish and Jet are mobile apps that pride themselves on being exceptionally cheap! They do this with storytelling, and you should define your place in the market with storytelling too.