Presentation Storytelling Elements in Wonder Woman

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This past weekend, Wonder Woman graced the screen again in her first feature length film. The ticket sales and positive reviews are sure to cement the movie as this summer’s biggest blockbuster. What makes Wonder Woman so compelling is the storyline and character development. These elements can also be used as inspiration for your presentation. Who knew that you can enjoy a superhero flick while picking up on some presentation knowledge. Here are presentation storytelling elements in Wonder Woman.

Presentation Storytelling


You don’t have to worry about any spoilers here! But I will point out plot points that can serve as inspiration for your presentation. The film begins with a present-day, brief introduction to the title character, before it dives into her backstory. We watch the young Diana grow up to become the warrior we know as Wonder Woman. Just as Diana begins to question what her purpose is, a new character enters the story that forever changes the course of her life. Diana then faces tough challenges both on the battlefield and in a new society, and experiences suffering that unlocks her full potential.

This constant building up of tension keeps the viewer engaged and eager to see the end of the story. Consider this for your presentation. Begin with a present day situation where all seems alright with the world because of a new invention. Then, dive into the background of how the world used to be before the invention was created. Build on the mounting number of problems the world was facing until one day, the hero of your presentation steps in and changes everything. Presenters don’t always consider their deck as a movie plot, but it can be. Put into work your presentation storytelling techniques and elevate your content to a compelling story.


Diana is not just a superhero, she is a mythological princess who is then thrust into the human world. She conveys layers upon layers of emotions that make her relatable and exciting. In this film, Diana (played by Gal Gadot) shines as a strong, fierce, curious, and passionate woman. Because she was written to be three dimension instead of just a cartoonish comic book character, her story is more endearing and inspiring.

Be the character that your audience roots for. Presentations have come a far way from a bullet point list on PowerPoint, and now they are works of art. You are the artist. You have a story to tell, one that is personal to your life’s journey. It is relatable and inspiring. Your audience will walk away caring about your presentation because of your backstory. They will be more inclined to act because you inspired them. Share parts of your world with presentation storytelling that involves your own experience.

As you prepare for your next presentation, think about your favorite movie and why it’s so good. Is it the twisted ending? Or do you love how all the characters are unique? You can apply these elements to your presentation with great storytelling. Using presentation storytelling elements will make you and your message unforgettable.

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