How storytelling can do wonders for your business

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Whether you want more positive attention, reach a new audience or attract more clients, storytelling is the most powerful tool in your tool box.

Human beings love a good story, and when it resonates with us, it can drive us to take action when nothing else can.

Think about it. Which would you rather read – an interesting story or a sales letter? Which are you more likely to remember a week from now – a compelling story or a features and benefits comparison? And which are you more likely to buy – a story you can see yourself in, or a product that does a, b, and c?

If you think back on your most recent purchases – from the business coach you hired to the first car you ever bought – chances are you’ll find a story that resonated with you, and that drove your decision to buy or to invest in yourself.

Stories About You:

You’ve heard it time and time again: People buy from those they know, like, and trust. And part of getting to know you is hearing your stories. Your potential clients want to know how you came to be in business, what experiences you’ve had that drove your decisions, what lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Your stories don’t have to be directly related to business to be powerful, either.

That narrative about the time you nearly got arrested for not having a valid driver’s license is the perfect lead in to a blog post about not procrastinating.

Or the story about how you accidentally sent an email or text message to the wrong person? It’s an anecdote that you can use to drive home a point about taking your time and paying attention to the details.

Stories About Your Clients:

Also known as social proof, stories about your clients are incredibly useful in your marketing and branding strategy. Testimonials, case studies and the like are actually just stories and they showcase how you and your services or products have changed a life or a business for the better.

Stories About Your Products:

Yes, even your products and packages have stories to tell. Why did you decide to create a new course? What will it help your clients achieve?

Who will most thrive by signing up for the package? These stories and more can show your potential clients more about your products and services than any sales page ever will.

When you openly share your thought processes as you were creating your program, buyers will instantly know if it’s a product that will work for them or not.

Stories really have a lot of power when it comes to branding and marketing, but you have to be true and sincere. You cannot fabricate stories for the sake of selling something.

The chances are you will get caught out and that will be very damaging to you. Use caution.

Do not use a story just because you’ve heard it’s good for your marketing. The story must be real, be relevant to the topic and be something you can easily talk about and even with a sense of humour too.

In summary, if you can tie your story in naturally to your business aim, it has the potential to be your golden ticket to better branding, more sales, and a more profitable and connecting business. Don’t be afraid to tell yours.

Kim Knight is a personal and business development coach and consultant. Kim can be contacted at